Epsom Square

Epsom Square comprises one large outdoor plaza and a smaller secluded space surrounded by a variety of restaurants, cafes and snack bars to suit all tastes. The indoor hub is a three-storey light-filled building, home to Epsom Library, lifestyle studios, a children’s soft play area, G.P. Surgery and variety of services and small independent enterprises.

Originally built in the 1990s, and known as The Ebbisham Centre, Derby Square and Oaks Square, the site was transformed in 2017 into a welcoming café culture location for all.


Since the discovery of Epsom Salts in 1618, Epsom has attracted visitors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The health-giving benefits of the local waters turned the small farming community into a famed spa destination, visited by King Charles II and Samuel Pepys.

The rich and well-connected landowners who moved to the region later established the tradition of horseracing up on the Downs. Epsom Derby Day, named after the 12th Earl of Derby (1753 – 1834), still attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every June, including HRH Queen Elizabeth II, to enjoy horseracing, hospitality and dramatic views of London.


Epsom is home to a host of creative talent, from the multi-arts MGSO4 Festival, to renowned local institutions. Laine Theatre Arts and the University of Creative Arts have a high-profile alumni, producing graduates who go on to become West End musical stars and leaders of fashion and design.

Epsom Square proudly sponsored the first MGSO4 Festival, providing a venue for live music, exhibitions and workshops.


Epsom Square is a place for everyone.
We have welcomed charitable and community activities, from Epsom’s Poppy Day event to fundraising sing-along showcases.
Get in touch if you would like to use the plaza to celebrate our diverse community and rich heritage.