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Epsom Square

Epsom Square comprises one large outdoor plaza and a smaller secluded space surrounded by a variety of restaurants, Epsom Social, Surreys only food hall, cafes and snack bars to suit all tastes. The indoor hub is a three-storey light-filled building, home to Epsom Library, lifestyle studios, a children’s soft play area, G.P. Surgery and variety of services and small independent enterprises. Epsom Picturehouse is coming soon too … watch this space!


Since the discovery of Epsom Salts in 1618, Epsom has attracted visitors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The health-giving benefits of the local waters turned the small farming community into a famed spa destination, visited by King Charles II and Samuel Pepys.

The rich and well-connected landowners who moved to the region later established the tradition of horseracing up on the Downs. Epsom Derby Day, named after the 12th Earl of Derby (1753 – 1834), still attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every June, including HRH Queen Elizabeth II, to enjoy horseracing, hospitality and dramatic views of London.


Epsom is home to a host of creative talent, from the multi-arts MGSO4 Festival, to renowned local institutions. Laine Theatre Arts and the University of Creative Arts have a high-profile alumni, producing graduates who go on to become West End musical stars and leaders of fashion and design.

Epsom Square proudly sponsored the first MGSO4 Festival, providing a venue for live music, exhibitions and workshops.


Epsom Square is a place for everyone.
We have welcomed charitable and community activities, from Epsom’s Poppy Day event to fundraising sing-along showcases.
Get in touch if you would like to use the plaza to celebrate our diverse community and rich heritage.